1. Castle in the mist #edinburgh #edinburghcastle #scotland #summer

    Castle in the mist #edinburgh #edinburghcastle #scotland #summer

  2. Hume in the mist #royalmile #sculpture #history #edinburgh #summer

    Hume in the mist #royalmile #sculpture #history #edinburgh #summer

  3. The sculptor never saw it coming… #edinburgh #festivalmustbesoon #princesstreet #bigwheel

    The sculptor never saw it coming… #edinburgh #festivalmustbesoon #princesstreet #bigwheel

  4. New co logos :) #efficientpartners #newco #startups #projectmanagement #marketing #events #ideas #newideas #business #businessisfun #edinburgh #uk #entrepreneurs #green #ecobuilding

    New co logos :) #efficientpartners #newco #startups #projectmanagement #marketing #events #ideas #newideas #business #businessisfun #edinburgh #uk #entrepreneurs #green #ecobuilding

  5. Sunny day reflections #arthursseat #edinburgh #summer  #walks

    Sunny day reflections #arthursseat #edinburgh #summer #walks

  6. We’ll Never Have Paris, the closing night film at the Edinburgh Film festival, is a romantic comedy directed by Simon Helberg & Jocelyn Towne.  Based on a true story about neurotic hypochondriac, wannabe jazz pianist Quinn (Simon Helberg) and his girlfriend of 10 years, Devon (Melanie Lynskey).  When Quinn decides to propose to his girlfriend of 10 years, his beautiful co-worker Kelsey (Maggie Grace) realises that she is in love with him.  With Quinn feeling confused and uncertain now as to whether he should marry the one and only girl he has ever been with, he somehow manages to turn a conversation about the future into a breakup chat.  Devon unsurprisingly packs her things to go and stay with her parents while Quinn is left to discover what it’s like to be single.  After the lust for Kelsey has worn off, he realises just how much he wants to be with Devon and that she is indeed ‘the one’.  

    Devon has realised however that she needs some time and space to find herself and heads to Paris, where Quinn manages to track her down and with a minimal plan of action, decides to win her back and take her back to America.  Unsurprisingly he fails, and she refuses to go back with him, so he returns back to his old life minus Devon. 

    The film is shot beautifully, particularly the scenes in Paris.  However you feel slightly awkward for the entirety of the film, as Quinn seems to always say the wrong things at the wrong time, and you wonder how he ever got Devon to like him, let alone other females.  Helberg is great at playing a neurotic and narcissistic character, but unlike his character in the Big Bang Theory, you never love him, or find his mannerisms funny. 

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  8. An adaptation of Larry Brown’s book, Joe is story of friendship, violence, and choosing the path to redemption. Director David Gordon Green brings Nicholas Cage back to his indie roots, starring as Joe, an ex-con trying to avoid his violent instincts, and live a peaceful life. This all changes when he meets Garry (Tye Sheridan), a teenager with an
    alcoholic drifter father, Wade, who beats him and the rest of his family. Joe takes Garry under his wings, and gives him a job, inadvertently becomes his role model. With local town bully Willie-Russell (Ronnie Gene Blevins) out to get revenge on Joe for a recent bar brawl, Joe is in danger of slipping back to his violent past. With Willie-Russell not
    being able to get revenge on Joe, he seeks to get revenge by taking it out on Garry and his family. When Garry’s pariah father, Wade, unexpectedly enters into a clandestine partnership with Willie-Russell, the plot thickens leading to the explosive/ violent climax of the film.

    The film is beautifully shot, with fantastic cinematography and stunning locations that have as much impact as the actors themselves do. Nicholas Cage brings a surprising sensitivity to the role of Joe, a good man at heart who is troubled by his violent past. Tye Sheridan shows promise with his skilful depiction of an impoverished youth whose
    innocence may be shattered by his loyalty to his destitute family. The film is almost overshadowed by the magnificent Gary Poulter (Wade), who was cast by Gordon Green, after meeting him on the streets of Texas, where he had been living for the past years. Definitely a must see film if you like dark, brooding dramas.

  9. Efficient Partners is a new company created to provide just that, Efficient Partners, to work with you and generally make things better.
    We’ve taken charge of marketing strategies, we’ve overseen building projects, we’ve designed creative storage, we’ve organised balls, we created a newspaper.
    We’ve planned, consulted & researched everything from policies and buildings to the people who use them. We’re creative, and experienced, and love a challenge.
    Efficient Energy - first and foremost our background is in sustainable development and renewable energy so Efficient Energy builds on our past experience as Environmental Consultants. Working with our partners, we can provide you with the ultimate green team for projects from renewable energy installations and smart grids, through to low carbon building and associated research.  We’ve become a dab hand at funding applications and tender writing!
    Our lovely partner Kyle is on hand for technical support fro renewable technologies from installation design specification through to sizing and onsite construction, and is particularly familiar with community energy installations of an assorted nature. Along with our Efficient Partners at Scene Consulting, also community energy experts, we can make community energy simple and of course efficient (in every sense!).
    Efficient Management is our Project Management core. We’re overly
    enthusiastic when it comes to being organised and the management of projects is the centre of everything we do, from buildings to events, renewables to marketing, efficient management is what makes it all work.  
    Our Efficient Management experience has included, but is not limited to, overseeing domestic new builds and building renovations – from project management of the core building team through to interior and layout design.  Indeed two of our favourite efficient partners are Richard and John of Mattwood Developments – superior building contractors with excellent banter and an eye for detail.
    Efficient Publications was created to encompass a number of our own creative needs… We should make a newspaper (obviously), and, we need a website! And – we’re organising events, we should be able to create beautiful posters! And soon and so forth.
    George Street News is our paper, created to promote independent businesses and entrepreneurial types, and to act as a medium for creative writers and artists to submit to. For the creative’s among us who need to write, it itches their palms in ways we won’t describe here (no need to scare people), and it’s increasingly difficult to get your work read and known. SO, we are endeavouring to publish the yet unpublished works of upcoming novelists, poets, screen play writers, photographers, painters…..
    GSN is a monthly, full colour 24 page newsprint paper which we distribute
    (2,500 copies of) around the centre of Edinburgh, although we’ve plans to get it further afield. Our advertising rates are low to be able to promote those wee independents) but we’re trying to ensure our design, thoughts and attention to detail are incredibly high – we wanted to create something pretty.  We couldn’t do it on our own though and so we found ourselves alongside (literally, we share an office) Efficient Partners Nuovi Media – a bundle of bright young sparks and a mixture of web & graphic designers. As a team, what more could you ask for!
    Efficient Events – possibly our favourite (we shouldn’t have favourites… but if we did this would be it…) of the Efficient areas of expertise. It encompasses all of our skills (and potentially even all of our partners depending how big we’re talking here!). We love to create, so give us a ball, a big dinner or better yet a festival and we’re bouncing off the walls. 
    Themes, music, food, we’re project managers at heart so bringing an event to life is second nature and so much fun. It also means we can get our Efficient Partners Donald (of Sound Systems) and Jess (chef and pop up restaurant extraordinaire on board, along with Alice at Rogue Flowers for those incredible floral displays which you just sometimes have to have.
    Fund raising events, raffles, corporate entertainment, private functions, we can be your Efficient Partner whatever the occasion and requirements.
    Efficient Philanthropy – our partners Toilet Hackers are a charity focused on improving sanitation around the world, with a focus on improving standards for girls in developing countries. They in turn have partnered with Sesame Street and the Girl Guides Association to implement health and hygiene training, toilet research (redesigning the toilet as we know it) and
    to provide resources for established sanitation organisations. More soon!
    The Efficient Partnering Team includes:
    Victoria Silver – Project Management, Design, Writing & Photography
    Amelia Hurst – Project Support, Marketing and Events
    Kyle Smith – Renewable Energy Engineer, Smart Grids, Hydro & Wind
    Vijay Bohal – Community Energy Consultant, technical specialist
    Richard Wood – Mattwood Developments, Builder, joiner
    John Matthews – Mattwood Developments, Builder, joiner,
    Greig Anderson – Nuovi leader, web creator, SEO specialist,
    Amit – Nuovi designer, graphic artist
    Michael Lindenmayer – Co-founder Toilet Hackers
    Donald Eadie – Sound Engineer, musician, festival stages are his speciality
    Jess Sheperd – Chef, creative foodie
    Alice Shaw – Rogue Flower Florist
    For more info on Efficient Partners contact Victoria on 07846198557 or email: victoria.gsnews@gmail.com
  10. Edinburgh buildings in Edinburgh evening sunlight, stunning #edinburgh #scotland #scotlandisbeautiful #themound #summer #architecture #oldtown #assemblyhall

    Edinburgh buildings in Edinburgh evening sunlight, stunning #edinburgh #scotland #scotlandisbeautiful #themound #summer #architecture #oldtown #assemblyhall


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